About Us

For nearly 15 years, Caleo Enterprises has accelerated 1000 businesses across Iowa, blazing a path for entrepreneurs, community change makers, and innovators. Named after its Latin translation, ‘ignite,’ the Caleo team is characterized by its ability to fire up new businesses while rekindling the flame in established businesses. With a focus on communications, marketing, and program/project development, we equip businesses with the skills and confidence needed to be front runners in their respective industries. 


At Caleo, we think differently. We stand by innovative ideology and excellence, creating game-changing strategies for clients that help them stand out against the competition. We work alongside customers exclusively to cultivate their understanding of effective marketing and strategic implementation. We leverage our partnerships and networks to connect our clients with unlikely stakeholders, expanding the realm of business possibilities throughout the state of Iowa.


As a team, we walk through every step of a client’s project. We analyze options, develop resources, generate timelines, determine costs, and most importantly, identify with their goals. Caleo Enterprises exists to assist businesses in growing their organization by making good decisions that return reasonable profits.


Our work always speaks for itself, but take a look at what our clients and collaborators say:

“I personally sought Deidre DeJear’s counsel in helping to set up my company’s website. She

provided invaluable advice and counsel in website design, functionality, overall branding; to

include both large and small details. Deidre left no detail unturned. Needless to say, I am most pleased with my website and have received numerous positive comments about it. Deidre puts her business acumen and creativity to work by serving both non-profits and small businesses. She has a keen desire to see others succeed and goes out of her way to assist whenever asked. She even offers advice when not solicited because she cares.” 


Cherry Renee Hardman, SHRM, SCP

Hardman Consulting, LLC 

President, Owner


“Deidre is passionate about people, and it shows. She's an authentic community leader who

connects with everyone, from urban youth to rural farmers. Her ability to engage and motivate

others is wrapped in her authentic approach to community. I've had the pleasure of supporting

her as a friend and co-founder of a non-profit organization for the past 15 years. I look forward to seeing how she continues to connect and engage others for the betterment of the community.”


Shekinah Young

Vice Chair

Back to School Iowa

“Deidre has an innate ability to bring women from different backgrounds together for a common

cause. Through her vivid storytelling and powerful messages, she inspires individuals locally and nationally to unite and fight for something larger than themselves. Deidre's efforts to energize and encourage citizens to actively engage in voter initiatives continue to permeate counties across the state of Iowa.”


Lindsey White

Founder and Chair